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Welcome to the Madhouse

We've been expecting you.

Madhouse graphics is a small boutique with a big heart. We focus on small businesses and start-ups.
We are writers, designers, and stylists, and we look forward to helping you make your mark in the world.

Logos are:The face of your business.

We love clean, strong, identifiable faces that inspire confidence, and build consumer loyalty.

Branding is:The impression you are making.

Let your customers know what to expect from doing business with you. They like that.

What we do is:Make both work for you!

We love helping small businesses and start-ups brand themselves without breaking the bank.

Our Work

Our Team

Peggy Lowe

Peggy Lowe

Founder - Designer
Peggy is mad-crazy about about logos and branding that empower small businesses and professionals. She has a knack for finding the attributes that make a company special.
Julianna Lind

Julianna Lind

Always ahead of the trend, Julianna is a designer, stylist, marketer and merchandiser with a keen eye for beauty and relevance.
Dan Lowe

Dan Lowe

Jingle Producer
Idea guy, prolific songwriter, music producer. Dan will transform your brand with music.
Java Bean

Java Bean

Java is an invaluable member of our team. It's quite possible that we wouldn't get a thing done without her.

What ClientsSay

You are uncannily good at logos. It is a special talent!

Karen Azinger Author

Oh my gosh, Peggy! These are terrific -
I can truly see this on tshirts, stickers banners etc! Very nicely done. Thank you.

Robin Greene Artfull Women.

Wow, so I am really really impressed!
I love the whole concept. I really appreciate your indepth work.

Carrie Cunningham Country Music Artist

I just love what you have done, and I really appreciate it!!!

Carrie Cunningham Country Music Artist

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